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X-Treme was founded in 2001 and is a brand of products created by the Strategic Business Unit of the Sound Corporation group, whose objective is to produce “concert, touring andportable sound systems”. In other words, professional audio systems dedicated to concerts, live open-air events or any other installation in a closed environment where live music is played.

This group’s top management directly controls well-known brands such as Peecker sound(a leader in the fixed installations and club sound” sector for over 30 years, with more than two thousand sound reinforcement installations and an international distribution network) and XTE (which deals mainly with «commercial sound«).

Maintaining distinct independence in not only management and personnel, but also the strategic aims of the business unit, 
the X-Treme division, made up of an authentic enterprise with various working activities (from R&D to Production, Quality Control, etc…) can make use of both the tangible resources (i.e. joinery, the electronic department and theelectro acoustic department) and the intangible resources (i.e. the know how of the engineers and technicians from the afore-mentioned companies, who are the current members of staff) of a group which has been operating successfully in the competitive professional audio sector since 1968.XtremePrice List 2015